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“Camellia is the most personable and professional person I have ever met. She makes you comfortable enough so that you can tell her everything that is bothering you. My mother passed and I never thought I’d be able to function. But she pulled me through. She taught me how to recognize the triggers that would set me off. Made me feel that it was alright to feel but not to stay there and she has done so much more. I will forever be grateful to her.”

-Anonymous Patient (Charlotte, NC)


“My husband was slipping away from me, ensnared by his inner turmoil, until we found this clinic. It’s not just the cutting-edge treatments but the whole-hearted support and the gentle, caring manner of the team that made us feel seen and heard. Witnessing my husband’s transformation has been a journey of shared healing and hope. This clinic hasn’t just offered therapy; it’s given us a renewed lease on life.”

Mariah C


“A friend’s transformation was a testament to the exceptional work done at this clinic. His recommendation became my lifeline. Every individual here, from the receptionist to the therapists, contributed to creating a healing environment that felt safe and nurturing. My own path to better mental health has been keenly supported by their expertise and sincere dedication to my well-being.”

Liam S


“As a mother, there’s nothing more harrowing than feeling helpless while your child faces mental health challenges. Finding this clinic was like finding a beacon of hope. The specialized youth services here were a perfect fit for my child, and the care we’ve both received has been exceptional. They’ve not just treated my child; they’ve equipped our whole family with tools and understanding to continue the journey toward healing together.”

Evelyn O'Connor