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Our Services

Currently serving individuals ages 18+

Our tailored services begin with a thorough psychiatric evaluation to understand your unique path. Explore medication management, psychotherapy, and genetic testing for precise care. Experience transformation through personalized, evidence-based solutions designed for your wellness.

Mentable PLLC

Psychiatric Evaluation

During your evaluation, your provider will spend more time with you to gather comprehensive information about your current mental health concerns, medical history, psychiatric history, social and family history, and any relevant environmental factors, which will support providing a cause for your symptoms and discussion about treatment.

Comprehensive Testing

Your provider may suggest additional testing to get to the bottom of your issues.
MENTABLE offers: Genetic testing for medications, ADHD testing, & additional labs to rule out underlying conditions

Solution-focused Brief Psychotherapy

Your provider may integrate a goal-oriented approach with psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and building solutions.

Lifestyle Coaching

Your provider may implement a motivational approach using empathy and open-ended questions to identify your motivation for change and move toward positive lifestyle & behavior changes that last.

Medication Management

Medications have a place for many in achieving mental wellness. After a thorough evaluation, a discussion about your treatment may include use of medications to support your mental wellness. If medications are suggested, your provider will provide more information on how the medication may benefit you.

Conditions we treat

Women's Issues

including mood changes during & after pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause & premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Anxiety & Depression

Bipolar Disorder & Other Mood Disorders

Trauma-related Issues

Adjustment Challenges

for college students.

ADHD Testing & Evaluation